The Hive

In 2014, I presented at the Biennial Graduate Symposium at NC State. The topic for the symposium was Improversion, a combination of improvisation and subversion. Presenters were asked to explore design assumptions and norms when approaching design problems. Working alongside a group of graduate students at MICA, I developed a concept agency called The Hive. At MICA, designers are trained to be generalists. We are authors and producers, researchers and developers, illustrators and copywriters; we work on projects from concept to completion.┬áTo subvert this process we formed The Hive, a highly specialized agency. Like in bee colony, each person has a distinct, siloed role. We stay within these roles and pass our finished materials down the chain, neither discussing nor interfering with each others’ work.

A collaboration between: Kirby Matherne, Jackie Littman, Emma Sherwood-Forbes, Ben Chemelski, Nate Gulledge, Lolo Zhang, David Lam and Nour Tabet